Why choose Glan Seven to your intimate hygiene

Glan Seven is a confident “Booster” that what it is

This is why you must choose Glan Seven to definitely have zero worries on your intimate hygiene. 

What is Glan Seven?
Glane Seven is a natural lotion that eliminates bacteria on the glans penis that create the fishy smell. Only 2 or 3 drops will suffice.

How to use Glan Seven?
After your shower pulls down the foreskin and gently apply Glane Seven drop one by one on the glans penis, let it on between 30 minutes and 4 hrs before rinse.

What is Glan Seven made from?
Glane Seven is made from ingredients naturally present in the Dead Sea, minerals as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium, electrolytes chloride. We blend some of them with Aloe Vera extract and Voila!

Glan Seven it’s under the french brevet Glan7© that been for sale online since august 2012. As the original website was in french language only francophone countries had access to Glan Seven lotion, now we glad to introduce our best seller to the rest of the world.To really understand the use of Glan Seven lotion the best way it’s to read the testimonial of Jules from Canada.

The penis does not smell like flowers, so does not women’s intimate parts! So would you do oral on female intimate parts that stinks? No, you will not, women would also avoid oral on men’s penis that stinks. This is where the magic happens with Glan Seven, since 2012 that we sell our lotion, feedbacks from our users are Glan Seven is a “Confident Booster“.