What women think of men’s penis

Men are unaware that their penis stink

  • How Do I Tell My Boyfriend That His PENIS STINKS??? HELP!?..
  • Why does my b/f penis smell like fish!!!? …..
  • My boyfriend is uncircumcised and his penis and semen smell fishy
  • HELP, my husbands wet/penis smells like fish!?

More testimony

« After sex I smell like salmon or rotting shrimp what can I do I’m douching with vinegar every other day! Why my boyfriend penis smell like fish? »

« My boyfriend is uncircumcised and I noticed his penis having that fishy smell, never been with a guy that is uncircumcised. I started to get info with mu older sys, as she said that uncut guys often smell fishy, is it right?

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Women testify all over the internet about their sexual problems, include the fishy smell penis. Those comments reveal that women do not dare talk to their boyfriend and husbands.
This is alarming because it would mean some men are unaware that they have fishy smell penis!

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