SOLO : 35,90 €
One Glan7 Vial


DUO : 70,00 €
Two Glan7 Vials
AIR MAIL +10 €



Glan Seven is shipped from Thailand by AIR MAIL shipment, packaging and postage costs are 8euros for 1 bottle and 10 euros for 2 bottles, the delay is 10 days minimum to 6 weeks maximum, information given by the post office. 

Each customer receives a tracking number that allows to locate the package in the stages of international delivery. Since 2012, our customers are satisfied!



Glan7 is a naturally anti-bacterial cosmetic product, effective against the annoying odors that the penis releases. Our lotion is the first dedicated to the men’s intimate hygiene used by the inventor for years and for sale online since 2012.

The effect is immediate, from the first application the smell disappears. Glan7 is not a medicine. If a bad smell is accompanied by discharge, consult a doctor.


Ingredients :

(pure water)
Mineralia mare mortu
Potassium sulfate trace
Magnesium trace
Aloe vera extract
100% Natural 

Free of :

Paraben free
Perfum free
Alcool free
Emulsifiant free
Antioxydant free
No synthetic add