Sex benefits

Gain confidence
Glan Seven 100%

Do not let a bad smell ruin your sexuality!

No more worries on unpleasant fishy smell penis odors, the smell that bothers you so much will disappear completely by using Glan7. How? Watch this simple video that explains how bacteria proliferated under the foreskin and cause fishy smell. Personal hygiene is the key, think about the sexual benefits, think of gain confidence, you will not be embarrassed the next time you will have sex due to a bad penis fishy smell. We don’t have to be ashamed anymore, it’s not our faults, it’s not a lack of hygiene, not a disease but a bad meet with some bacteria who have decide to colonize our glans penis, they found the foreskin so convenient for grow. We did not have adequate product! Now we do have Glan7.

glan7 et le sexe

Glan7 and sex

But no perfum!

So far the penis should not exhale a perfume fragrance! A penis would normally generate an exciting scent that even more active sexual desire. If, however, the smell is strong and loaded excitement leaves the place to disgust. Glan7 eliminates the bacteria responsible for these odors, while maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Your sex retains its natural smell, and not the fishy smell

The Foreskin

The foreskin is like a sock in latex! Imagine what a latex sock would have the effect on your foot? After a few minutes your foot would be wet, then how long for bacteria settle there? This is the only problem with the foreskin, so do not let women chose only the circumcised penis.

couronne gland penis glan7