The glans penis do not need cream or any more moisture !

That following article it’s for uncut men only. The penis is already too hydrated! Do not add more moisture if you want to eliminate the smell of fish on your penis.

When we created Glan7 in 2010 and then put for sale on our website in 2012 there was no other personal hygiene product for men, zero, no cream or any solution to eliminate fishy smell penis, then in 2017  the competition comes in force, and they ‘ addressed to men as they would do to women, the same slogans! Moisturize the sensitive skin of the penis really !!! Do not let yourself fall asleep by these commercial techniques, your glans penis needs to be less humid, the foreskin is already keep the glans penis too humid.. We have already explained it several times, it is the moisture between the foreskin and the epidermis of the glans that promotes the proliferation of bacteria, “irony of fate” because the role of the foreskin is still to protect the glans..

In home page video we go straight to the heart of the matter without hypocrisy and without rounding the angles, why turn around the bush? The penis stinks you have to take care of it, for those who realize it! Because some think it’s natural that their penis stinks of fish. Only Glan7 had prouve to do the job, read real review.

Do not be fool by those new products that claim to care about men’s intimate hygiene, not only do they want to hydrate your penis but some also put on perfume! Not to mention the chemicals in the list of ingredients. NO !!!! no perfume or chemicals in our lotion Glan7, perfume to cover the smell of fish! Our lotion does not work that way. Buy our flacon and try it, it will not smell anything! Glan7 is a natural antibacterial, but not any antibacterial, because not all bacteria cause this fishy smell!

The Glan7 lotion acts precisely on the bacterium that causes this fishy smell, it’s simple and effective. With us no slogans scamper stitched female cosmetics! 35.90 euros for a year of tranquility! Here is the period between 2 orders from most of our customers, 12 months! less than 3 euros a month! We were online since 2012, please read our best review about our Lotion Glan7, it’s Jules from Montreal, he describe with humour and detail how his penis started to stink and how he get rid of with Glan7.    Call us +66922656741