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Jules from Montreal Quebec

3 months ago, I had sex with a girl and during this “fuck” our sexes began to stink … but STINK for real !!! The next day, two days later and days later, my penis still smelled that stench, I dared not even masturbate and I did not want to believe what was happening to me, I was not going to bring a girl home and … beuhhhhh, shame! I thought I was caught with this for life because the doc told me that he could not do anything, and having passed all the lab tests successfully, I was told that it was normal, that it was my body odor, while I Never had this problem nefore in my life, even more than embarrassing! I stumbled on Glan7 and immediately ordered it and said it was worth a try, even though I thought it was more than a scam as a product, just too miraculous … effective from the first drop, yeah yeah my eye !!

It was then two and a half weeks that I ordered the Glan7 and I wanted so much that it solves my problem then BOOM, I meet a great girl and it is love at first sight … We hang out together 2 evenings, then she asks me why I do not invite her in my home!?!? So to not look like an idiot I invite her. On my arrival, when I open the door I see an envelop from the post office that exceeds the mailbox (ohhh yes, the Glan7!) I sleep with her but we do nothing … Then the next day when I do not could not go to the post office given the opening hours, I sent my roommate who worked at night.. 

The girl text me “I want to make love”! I pick her up at the end of the day, my roommate had put the package on the kitchen counter, I hide it, I’ll take my shower, I go out, she’ll take a shower, I shaken the bottle as if my life depended on it, I applies it, I hear the shower that stops, I feel my penis … ..- OOOhh my god, I feel the rose … -I still feel it to be sure and YESSsss I contain my joy. She goes out , you ok? Yes and you ! we go to bed and she make me a blowjob that really seems that she enjoy as much as me, and that’s it, she did it again last night and this morning, she loves it and me too. Glan7 has really saved me from a situation of Sh.*’t and I am with this girl for 2 weeks now and I do not think it would be the case with a penis that smells of fish!
Thank you, Glan7 people you are genius ! 

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Allan from France

“Hello, having tested the famous solution glan7, I admit that, like everyone else, I was a little skeptical at first. Obviously, a solution that works from the first application, while any other had not worked, it must be admitted that it seemed a little weird, BUT this famous lotion worked very well from its first use, and I’m honestly delighted with this purchase … or rather this investment and I would recommend it to as many people as possible because of its efficiency. I thank the customer service who responded very quickly to the messages and researchers who found the magic solution.

I thank you most sincerely and a good continuation. “”

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David from Belgium

“I ordered you Glan7 and the delivery time is longer than expected, so I thought of a scam and I apologize. You have been more than responsive to all the different mails I sent you. Quite frankly, it’s unheard of and I’m amazed, today, it’s been two days since I received glan7 and obviously it works. In summary a service out of the ordinary and a product that works.
I wish you all the success you deserve, you are a true local retailer on a global scale. “

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Julien from France

Hello, that my feedback on the product, it is incredibly effective I am very satisfied. Do you know if it is a real “treatment” or if the bacteria is still and is “hidden”? In any case a big thank you because the product works there is no doubt.

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Papatango41 from France

“Dear Glan7 experts, you can boast of bluffing me. This unbearable smell of fish that had settled on my penis for two years (I’m 70 years old) bothered me a lot in my sex life, and even personally. First application: no more smell! I was stunned.
The pharmacist I consulted knew no cure.
Congratulations to you for this miracle product

And as a communication man, congratulations to your com on the site and the instructions for use, super well done, on a very sensitive subject.

Thank you with all my heart, thank you for my wife …

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