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Penis strong smell, what to do?

This strong penis odor you had never had before! Why suddenly my penis stink? In most cases they are bacteria that have settled under the crown of the glans penis, covered by the foreskin these bacteria proliferates cheerfully, the only symptom is a more or less strong odor that emerges from the penis, ranging from imperceptible to Nauseabonde. How does this bacteria arrive on your penis? In many ways, of course, sexual relations, and all human secretions, but also a toilet bowl cover, your own fingers etc. What to do? And virtually no one has sought a solution to the problem, doctors once an STD is not found on lab test they do not are interested in the smell of your sex. The giants of cosmetics are mainly interested in women, so who? Since 2012 Glan7 explains the cause of this odor and proposes a solution.

Glan7 is the first effective lotion against the annoying odors to the penis, there was indeed a cream in the 80s in the USA that no longer exists.Try Glan7 it’s 100% natural and guaranteed or refunded! A Marseille (France) dermatologist specialize in venereal diseases congratulated and encouraged us in our work. Gentlemen you « felt » a change in your penis odor ? Your girlfriend or your wife noticed that your penis smells like fish! Try Glan7, the result is instant.