The Lotion Glan7

Glan7 removes unwanted penis odors

The foreskin, which aims to protect the glans penis, is in fact ironically responsible for creating the moisture that stimulate so much the growth of bacteria, which is responsible for the odor that recall the fish smell ! Stress on bad smells that occur during sexual intercourse, it’s over !

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La lotion Glan7

What is Glan7 ?

Glan7 is a natural composition containing extract of aloe vera and mineral particles from the Dead sea, effective against fishy smell while maintaining the skin’s pH balance. Glan7 is guaranteed alcohol-free, paraben free, dye free, fragrance free, without emulsifier, without anti-oxidize. Glan7 instantly remove the fishy smell from the penis, it’s guaranteed or is money back. Glan7 is Franco-Swiss patent.

Bacteria foreskin and fishy smells !

Despite a good personal hygiene the problem recurs, the soap is not enough, the smell will reappears, sometime just few minutes after the shower. (watch our video)
Our studies show that the « fishy smell » appears stronger during foreplay. To avoid this awkward situation you must use Glan7 after your daily hygiene routine. at least once a week.

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Le prépuce recouvre le gland