Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions :

These conditions aim to define the terms of sale between the customer and Glan7 in all stages of the ordering process by integrating payment and delivery, tracking of this order between the client and Glan7. The customer acknowledges having read the terms and conditions of sale indicated on the http://www.glan7.com site. Any order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions without reservation. Once past the customer orders accept the conditions of sale set out in the « Terms of Sale »

Order processing and shipping :

We process orders for shipment from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Asia Standard Time). If the customer has not updated their mailing address on the Paypal account, we will not be responsible for any error has poor postal address (as after moving the client does not update the PayPal account ). Glan7.com uses the national office of Thailand it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for any country of destination. The customer receives a tracking number « tracking number » that tracks through the site post the parcel as long as it is in Thailand, then this number gives no more information, it just lets you know that the package has passed through the airport in Bangkok Survanabhumi and therefore has is part of postal freight towards internationally. Here is the link of the post. http://track.thailandpost.co.th
Use the tracking number by putting capital letters as given in the confirmation email services. Example RR045123106TH not rr045123106th! Glan7 undertakes to send the product ordered by the customer once the total amount shown on Paypal or bank account of Glan7 as quickly as possible, but we can not go faster than the post, thank you to be patient. However, if the client wishes, we also offer a fast delivery « EMS Express » but the cost is 26 euros, this option allows you to receive the package between 4 and 7 days depending on the position information, ask us by email, then it is sufficient to add to your initial payment the sum of 18 euros.
In addition to the Tracking number the customer also receives the photo of the package prepaid by mail from Thailand, which serves as proof of sending said. If after 4 weeks the parcel has not arrived a destination, the customer must inform Glan7, it will take two weeks for the Thai post be an investigation and why the package did not arrive to its destination. Glan7 then agrees to refund the customer after the investigation of position and maximum delay of four weeks, which would make a total of 6 weeks in the worst case.

TheĀ priceĀ :

The price playing on the site does not include shipping costs, which are 8 euros regardless of whether it is for 1 or 3 bottles, this amount corresponds to the shipping and packaging. Once passed by the customer, the lotion is activated by mixing all the ingredients, then we record the lot number and expiration date. The Glan7 lotion can be refunded if the customer is not satisfied, he must write to info@glan7.fr to reclaim the Glan7 lotion, an email response will be sent to the exact address where the client must invert at its expense, upon receipt of said bottle, the refund will be made on the Paypal account customer’s email address will be retained 5 euros of the total amount (equivalent to the cost of the first shipment). If, however, lotions arrives damaged or broken, we will make another delivery after the customer can provide the evidence of the said damaged.

Personal data and email :

Glan7 agrees not to disclose your personal information to any third party. Glan7 comply with the law on privacy and international francophone countries. The data is protected by encryption latest generation of our computer system. Glan7 keeps emails and customer information 8 weeks, and then we discard it.
www.Glan7.com contact: info@glan7.com