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For all those who have the penis stinks!

Your penis stink ?

The stinky penis, a taboo subject and too comical to talk to his pharmacist! So for all those who have the stinky penis, « You are not alone » We have the solution! You’ve already tried a lot of home and other subterfuge solutions to mask this penis odor, you’ve multiplied your sessions in the bathroom, you stressed when she opens your fly, fear that the smell of your penis stinks Fled. Some do it once against the back and then never answer your calls again!
In the life of a man sooner or later this bacteria lodges between your foreskin and your glans and the questions fuses, « why my dick stinks »?

Glan7 is the solution, our customers tell us and wish us success! It is for us the most beautiful recognition, that of knowing that our lotion gives satisfaction! Try Glan7 the result is instant, the bad odor of your penis disappears, you find your normal smell the one you know well, the smell of your penis the one that excites even more your sexual partner! She asks for more and she will call you!

A bad odor to the penis is not a fatality, say goodbye to the penis stinks. Why choose Glan7 against the stinky penis? First because we are the first to have developed a lotion that eliminates the bad odors that the penis represses, and this since January 2012. Our lotion is 100% natural, guarantee satisfied or refunded and finally and especially because Glan7 it works! It is our users who say so.


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Penis strong smell what should I do ?

Penis strong smell what to do?

This strong penis odor you had never had before! What to do ? In most cases they are bacteria that have settled under the crown of the glans penis, covered by the foreskin these bacteria proliferates cheerfully, only symptom a more or less strong odor that emerges from the penis, ranging from imperceptible to Nauseabonde. How does this bacteria arrive on your penis? In many ways, of course, sexual relations, and all human secretions, but also a toilet bowl, your own fingers etc. So yes what to do? And virtually no one has sought a solution to the problem, medicine once an STD is not so interested in the smell of your sex. The giants of cosmetics are mainly interested in women, so who? Who other than Glan7 explains the cause of this odor and proposes a solution?

Glan7 is the first effective lotion against the annoying odors to the penis, there was indeed a cream in the 80s in the USA that no longer exists. We are present on the internet since January 2012, it is true that since the copiers bloom on the canvas, do not be deceived! Try Glan7 it’s 100% natural and guaranteed guaranteed or refunded! A Marseille (France) dermatologist specializing in venereal diseases congratulated and encouraged us in our work. Gentlemen you « felt » a change in odor to your penis? Your girlfriend or your wife noticed that your penis smells like fish! Try Glan7, the result is instant.



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Liquide interdit dans les envois par avion – La poste

La poste national de Thaïlande n’accepte plus les envois de liquide sous n’importe quel formes, comme par exemple :  (alcool, jus de fruits, lotion, savon liquide, cosmétiques, sauces etc.) Si c’est liquide c’est interdit !

Nous avons du trouver une solution pour ne pas interrompre les commandes. La seule possibilité est de ne pas ajouter le liquide dans la phase finale du mélange des ingrédients. Nous allons donc livrer la lotion Glan7 avec seulement sa partie sèche, un film plastique sera mis entre le bouchon et le goulot du flacon, pour éviter que la matière « sèche » se repende dans la partie creuse du bouchon qui va servir de « pompe ». L’utilisateur devra lui même rajouter de l’eau stérile (distillée ou pure, voir en pharmacie). Une partie en verre sera fournie pour assembler la pipette avec le bouchon doseur. Une vidéo tutoriel a étai éditée pour faciliter la compréhension de cette manipulation, un lien youtube sera donné a chaque client. IL NE FAUT PAS RESPIRER LE CONTENU DU FLACON A PLEIN NEZ – Rien de chimique mais tout produits naturel peut être néfaste selon comment il est utilise, par exemple le citron c’est très bon, mais une goutte dans l’œil !.. De toute façon ca ne sent rien. Une fois le remplissage effectue  et apres avoir bien secouee, vous pourez verifier par vous meme sans risque, Glan7 n’est pas un parfum qui va couvrir une mauvaise odeur !

Il vous faut donc vous procurer de l’eau sterille ou eau pure etc (Ne pas utiliser de l’eau distiller et ou demineralisee pour batterie de voiture, fer a repaseerr etc.) il faut de l’eau sterille comme par exemple celle que l’on trouve en pharmacie, NE PAS UTILISER LA SOLUTION SALINE !!

exemple d’eau sterille a trouver en pharmacie , il ne vous en faut que 20 ml a 22 ml !!

glan7 eau sterille

glan7 eau sterille

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Penis fishy smell can be solve

penis smell fishyIs penis fishy smell is easy to solve? Some emails from women have brought up a common penis problem that most men are not willing to talk about the issues of penis smell fishy. Even if men who take good care of their penis often encounter an unpleasant, fishy penis smell that is understandably a source of embarrassment, and certainly not a turn-on for a potential sexual partner. For instance, one woman writes: My boyfriend showers twice a day and washes the area under his foreskin, but his penis always has an unattractive odor – his penis smells like fish. I’ve tried to avoid too close contact, you see what I mean, but it is really getting in the way of our sex life, and going down on him is out of the question. Penis odor becomes a problem having sexual intercourse when the smell becomes too unpleasant, strong or when it develops a characteristic fishy smell. Penis odor is women common complaint; penis fishy smell can be solve with the right lotion, Glan7. Try it its money-back guaranty anyway.


Glan7 penis odors removal

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Japanese trust in Glan7, do you? – Video


Japanese trust in Glan7, do you?