Men intimate hygiene solution

intimate male hygiene lotionMen have rules for intimate hygiene of consist in daily washing of genitals with soap, but the soap it’s not enough. For men there is a new rule : use Glan7 after your routine at least once a week. Even if you wash your intimate area as thoroughly as possible there it’s no way you will eliminates bad smells. We do explain it simply on this video, you will understand why if you have foreskin soon or later you will need Glan7. The foreskin which accumulates the largest number of bacteria, that by the way it’s the cause of the very unpleasant smell, that it’s called:   »fishy smell penis ». Keeping clean your intimate part will not be enough to get rid of the fishy smell. In France Glan7 it’s now very popular and costumers are all satisfied. Men intimate hygiene is now helped with our lotion. It’s never happen to you ? not yet ? We hope you will never have too, but to gain confidence it’s not just about luck, those bacteria can meet your glans penis epidermis at any moment, how ? Simply by contact with fluids from the other! Or in toilets not very clean ! From your very own hand, by touching anything infected. Think confident in bed, think that she will love it better. Glan7 first product for men intimate hygiene in France.


6 Responses to “Men intimate hygiene solution”
  1. salah dit :

    dear staff,

    I did not receve my order from last 4 mounths

  2. andrei dit :

    this must be a joke, of course.
    the ad containing an erect dick and the message « leave the fish in the sea »?
    surely this is a joke.

    or a campaign made by a woman.

    i cant imagine making an ad for a women’s intimate
    hygiene lotion/soap/gel, that has an open vagina picture in it
    and that says « ladies, let’s keep the skunks in the woods ;) « .
    of course, all women would be instantly enraged, so im
    assuming this ad was a joke, and is not meant to be
    an actual banner for the product. advertising world cant be that unfair…

  3. Lambert dit :

    Oh trouver voter lotion en France

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